Tahltan Language Program: Community Survey

We need your feedback!

In November, health we announced that the Tahltan Nation is developing a partnership with the University of Victoria to deliver a community-based language program, focused on learning the Tahltan language, and creating provincially certified teachers.

We are re-opening a survey about the program to get more information about how to best deliver the Program.

To recap from the original announcement, the program will offer a Diploma in Indigenous Language Revitalization, with the option of continuing on into a Bachelor of Education in Indigenous Language Revitalization.

The program will be delivered in Dease Lake, with intensive courses offered to accommodate those coming from out of town.

Please fill out the following survey to let us know who is interested in being part of such a program. You will be entered to win an iPadmini downloaded with the Tahltan language database of over 5,000 word entries!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact Judy Thompson at judithcthompson@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) or Aliki Marinakis at iedlang@uvic.ca(link sends e-mail).